The Pier House Resort & Caribbean Spa is a resort hotel in Key West, Florida. Built in the 60’s, the Pier House is a true embodiment of the “Key West state of mind” – independent, laid-back and just a bit risqué.

Using our inside-out approach, we developed a Brand Promise for the Pier House that was clearly something on which they could deliver: "Undeniably Key West."

This is, we think, a good example of how a strong, clear Brand Position can drive all of your marketing communications. Through several separate ad campaigns with a myriad of creative executions, on-site cross-promotions and collateral materials, the Brand message was consistent – and was a distinction none of their competition could claim in quite the same way. But more important, during the life of the Brand, Pier House met their goals for occupancy and rate. We have to believe that the advertising and marketing had something to do with it and are certain our client would agree.

We've got more success stories we can share, but let's save that for another time.

(In 2013, Pier House was sold and is now managed by the Remington Hotel Group. All of their marketing communications are handled in-house with the rest of their properties.)

It's cold in Iceland.

And college kids like to go to the beach for Spring Break.

But we suggested that Icelandair Holidays promote Iceland anyway. Something to do with there being more bars and clubs per person there than anywhere else in the world. Not only that, we did a bit of research and discovered that the number one factor a college student considered when thinking of a Spring Break destination was not going where their boyfriend or girlfriend was going. 

So we based our campaign on that (like these frames from an animated digital ad). 

And Icelandair sold out their Spring Break packages.