Problems - Solutions

We talk to a lot of hoteliers, and when it comes to what keeps them awake at night, there are a few recurring themes. And if there's one thing you can do to address all of them, that thing is Brand.

See if these problems strike a chord with you.

Problem: Who is your best target? Almost nobody – but especially not an independent hotel – can be all things to all people. So who are the right people?

Solution: A clear Brand will absolutely help you define your best target audience. It only makes sense that having a crystal-clear picture of what you're best at clarifies that who-you-should-be-selling-to picture. Right?

Problem: There are too many media channels to choose from. SEO, re-targeting, AdWords, YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, newspapers, magazines, e-mails– it goes on and on and something new shows up every week. But which ones are best for you?

SolutionYou can make a better, more informed decision as to which media channel is best to use if you know your target (and their behavior, passions, and friends). And there we go. A clear Brand can tell you who that target is.

Problem: You don't have the business you want at the rate you want. Competing on price is a dangerous habit. And OTAs aren't helping.

SolutionA clear Brand is your escape route from selling on price, because your Brand can give your guests a reason to pick you over The Other Place – something that has nothing to do with rate. Think about it. A commodity can't command a premium price.

Problem: The number of different marketing firms you work with is overwhelming. There's usually a web company, an SEO/AdWords company, PR firm, ad agency and sometimes a design studio in the mix. And often they all have their own good ideas of how to approach the problem.

Solution:  If you must have a collection of marketing firms working for you, they will all do a better, more effective job with the same Brand and Brand strategy driving them. And, if each part of your marketing wheel is reinforcing what every other part is doing, your overall effort will be more cost-efficient.

Of course, creativity and industry expertise count for a lot in each of these areas, but that's a topic for another day.