What to do about the dreaded "off-season"

Jamaica can be a tough sell in the summer when most of your visitors come from North America, which is, well, warm in the summer already. So we turned the summer on its head at Sunset at the Palms and made it something special. Jamaica-Rama!

Jamaica-Rama w TM.png

The idea

We’d already built the “Sensory Magic” brand at Sunset at the Palms and developed a unique, illustration-driven creative approach. High-season business was solid. But rather than offer deep discounts all summer long, Jamaica-Rama! added a special quality to the summer season. A bit of cachet.

During Jamaica-Rama!, things were a little more exciting at Sunset at the Palms – there were weekly sunset celebrations on the beach, special drinks in the bar, a new communal dining feature in the garden was created – we even started a Swim-up Movie Night in the pool. There was something nearly every night.

It wasn’t just an off-season with deep discounts – it was a special time of the year.

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