How do you react to a new idea?

Ad legend George Lois says: "Creativity can solve almost any problem. The creative act, the defeat of habit by originality, overcomes everything." Totally agree.

Creativity is, in fact, the most practical and cost-efficient tool available to an independent hotel or resort today.

We’re talking about new ideas and different ways of doing things. And if your first reaction to a new idea is “we can't do that because . . . ", you’re cheating yourself. The most important thing to consider - and consider first - is whether or not doing something will benefit you. If the answer is "No" then drop it like a hot rock and forget about it. Ah, but if there is a benefit, then you work out how to do it. It's a simple process really.

1. Here's an idea. Will it be good for us?   Yes: Do it.  No: Forget it.

2. The answer is "Yes." Are there any issues with carrying it out?  Nope. Then let's get to it.  Yes:  Then let's figure it out.

3. Did we figure it out?  Yes: Cool. Let's do it.  No: OK, we'll keep thinking.

4. Did we nail it this time?  Yes: Great.  No: Maybe it’s not as workable as we thought it was. But at least we tried.

This is not to say that every idea has value. Or will be easy to carry out. Or even can be carried out. It's just that you ought to think first about whether or not an idea will provide some benefit before you dismiss it out of hand. When your first thought is why something won't work, you're starting from a negative place and nothing good ever came from a negative place. Your first thought should be whether or not there’s a potential benefit for you.

If something is worth doing, it's worth figuring out how to do it.