If nobody notices you, nobody will know what you have to offer.

That's not good for business.

And the best way to get people to not notice you is by doing what everybody else is doing. 

You've seen the ads. A hero shot of the property or the best room in the house and a headline that usually revolves around clicking here for the best rates ever. Not very attention-getting when everybody is doing it. Same goes for websites.  Lookalike doesn’t work in any corner of the marketing realm.

Creativity is the most practical tool available to hotels and resorts today. With all the messages coming out on our computers, phones, televisions, radios and everywhere else, the competition for attention is stiff. You have to either earn it or demand it. Not necessarily by running a lot of ads, but by running ads that deserve attention.

Of course, even the worst advertising ever done will draw attention if you run it enough. But that’s expensive, and independent hotels and resorts don't have the luxury of the big-brand budgets.

But creativity isn't expensive. Actually, your biggest investment isn't even in money, but in being willing to resist the usual. 

And the ROI on that is pretty good.