This is what we do

There’s more to smart hotel marketing than advertising. More than PPC or SEO.  More than a better website or even a strong Brand. It’s all of those things.  

But most of all, it’s understanding how to put them all together. Our focus is on whatever tool or combination of tools will work best to help you get better rates and occupancy - without sacrificing either one.

This is why you want to work with us

We specialize in independent hotels and resorts, and understand the hotel business. And because we're a boutique, you'll work with the senior partners. You won't get lost in a crowd of larger clients. 

We’ve worked with big clients, small clients and all manner of in-betweens. See for yourself in our portfolio section. 

And if awards matter, we've won a lot.

This is why we want to work with you

For one thing, independent hotels are under-served, even though you need the same creative skills and smarts as the big brands in order to compete. For another, we like the people who tend to populate this part of the business. That's important.

At least it is to us. 

This is where the name came from

We're Karen Nasuti and Woody Hinkle. We’re married, and we own the place.