“Everybody talks about the weather. But nobody does anything about it.”

With apologies to Mark Twain, they actually can do something. They can get out of town. And that's good news for hotels and resorts -  if you're ready for it.

Just think - the summer can be nasty hot and humid in Atlanta, Washington, D.C. and South Florida. Winter in New York, Baltimore, Boston and Philly means freezing temperatures, snow and ice.  And the good thing about those particular cities is that they usually have direct flights to just about anywhere, which makes it fairly easy to pick up and run away for a few days. 

So get those ads and promotions ready ahead of time. And get familiar with your channel options in your target cities. That way, you can be ready to run something fast. Snow and freezing weather on the way in the Northeast? "Think about the Caribbean, New Orleans or South Florida, y'all."  Another week of hot, sticky, South Florida summer weather ahead? "Boy, it's nice in the mountains, upstate New York and New England this time of year." And most Caribbean islands are better than Atlanta in the summer. 

Tell your story on the local weather app, sponsor the weather report on the local radio or television station, run a digital ad on the local news website or even run a print ad on the weather page of the newspaper. Wherever people might be checking the weather and groaning, give them an alternative. 

Bad weather ahead? Just flip that switch. 

So check those direct flights, get those ads ready to run and make sure you know where you can run them. 

Then go get one of those Farmer's Almanacs.