Your Brand can be a competitive advantage

It's something that can help you go head-to-head with anybody in your market.

Just to be clear, your Brand is not your logo, ad campaign or tag line. It's a supportable differentiation around which you deliver a unique value.  And the moment you change your Brand from, say, "a hotel with this many rooms in this place" to "a hotel that is unique for these reasons," you narrow your competitive set.  Suddenly, you're unique. Not just another pretty face with packages and special offers.

Also, a clear Brand, developed from the inside-out will help you zero in on your best target audiences. And it's a whole lot more cost-effective to target the right people than target everybody and hope the right people get the message somehow.

One more thing. Without a clear Brand, you'll most likely find yourself limited to competing on price. Nobody wants to make a habit of competing on price. There's more to life than special offers.

There are more reasons for an independent hotel having a clear Brand, and we'll be happy to share them with you, but for now think about this: Brand Development is an investment. Invest in developing a solid Brand now, and it can last you ten years if it's done right, and you don't turn your property into an amusement park somewhere along the way.

Click here for a Brand Scorecard and see how your Brand is doing.